Express Reward


Express Reward is our incentive program designed specifically to encourage members to increase sales, grow your business and in turn be rewarded for their contribution.

These programs include our ‘Sell Big, Win Big’ campaigns through which on achievement of specific criteria, members will be rewarded with rewards such as a payment on your Express Reward Card, shopping vouchers, concert tickets, an overseas trip, gold coins – or even a car! A large number of our land partners also participate in this program.


  • Rewards high achievers with big rewards
  • Transparent and easy to understand
  • Provides competitive rebates
  • Targets growth
  • Gives you extra value
  • Motivates you and your staff to sell
  • Gives you access to our Express Reward Card
  • Provides exclusive offers for Select Travel Group, Independent Travel Group & italktravel members.

The Express Reward program offers Emerald, Silver, Gold and Diamond tiers linked to individual agent contracts and revenue generated. The Express Reward Card given to you will be in accordance with your status and relevant benefits will apply.

We aim to give you the recognition and reward that you deserve for doing business with us. The more you achieve, the more you will benefit!


So that you don’t miss out, we keep you informed of upcoming promotions and incentives on our member platforms, through our newsletters, flyers and emails.